Topic: Branding Guidelines for Chumby


Have you given any thought to, or laid down and rules yet, for Chumby branding within widgets?  I realize (based on a previous thread) you're not planning to give any kinds of guidelines to the UI design of the widgets themselves, but I'm thinking in terms of using the Chumby name, logo, and other elements.

What are your thoughts on:

• incorporation of the word "Chumby" into a widget's name? ("Chumby Traffic Widget", "FishCam for Chumby")

• use of the trademarked Chumby "sexopus" image on a widget's opening screen, or elsewhere within the widget

• use of the word/name "Chumby" in the official font (the one that's shown next to the sexopus, at times)

• and hey, a simpler one that I haven't seen mentioned yet in these forums - is the preferred spelling of Chumby capitalized, or not?

My only direct concern is the first point - incorporating the name into a widget's name - but that led me to thinking about the Chumby branding in general, and felt like it might be a good thing for you let us developers know your preferences or rules for the above.

Re: Branding Guidelines for Chumby

Thanks for the question, a good one we should address.  Probably best to steer clear of all Chumby trademarks -- we don't want to be in a situation where we either risk their deterioration through open use or have to take some heavy-handed approach to enforce them.  We use lower-case "c" chumby to refer to the chumby device, and upper-case "C" Chumby to refer to the company, Chumby Industries, the Chumby Network and all other non-device uses.  Happy to get more granular around specific widgets/intended uses.

Re: Branding Guidelines for Chumby

Great - thanks, Steve.  I appreciate the clarification.  No need for further granularity - this helps a lot.  And I hadn't noticed the lowercase/uppercase differentiations - now it all makes sense.