Topic: Environmental Simulators for Virtual Chumby

Has anyone at Chumby Industries looked into adding a second Flash component to the current Virtual Chumby, that can simulate accelerometer settings, squeeze, and light (or future microphone) settings?

It would be nice to have a little control pad next to the onscreen Virtual Chumby, with those setting controls affecting the current widget being displayed.  I'm imagining a small interface with controls giving the user the ability to drag a slider bar simulating X/Y/Z movement (or the other settings) as well as a randomization, and numerical value entry.

I know that would be helpful - even those developers who own Chumbies might prefer to test a widget's response to those settings in a virtual environment before uploading that widget, then refreshing their Chumby - and for those using the Virtual Chumby as their sole development tool (for now, anyway), it would be even more helpful.

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Re: Environmental Simulators for Virtual Chumby

Plasmic Steve,

Look at the mobile device emulator, Adobe Device Central, which is part of Adobe Creative Suite 3. … /features/

This product isn't (currently) flexible enough to address *all* of what you mentioned, however ... it does offer some features such as Flash Lite content testing, (basic) memory reporting, performance testing, as well as other useful device info!

I created a chumby template for Flash 8 awhile back ... I am hoping to update it for CS3 & ADC, for developers to use ... that is, until Adobe and the Chumby device team have time to certify a real device template for Device Central! |
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Re: Environmental Simulators for Virtual Chumby

Thanks Scott - I had tried some of those device profiles - I'd never seen or used those before.  It was helpful (though kind of slow to load) - that'll definitely be helpful if/when a chumby profile is added by Adobe. 

You're right, though - what I really want is something that can simulate the accelerometer in particular, so that I don't have to upload widgets to the chumby each time I want to test for motion sensing.

Thanks for the info, though - I appreciate it.  I'm sure there will be more advances in this, once chumby is released to the world at large.