Topic: Boot-up from NAND Flash. How fast?

Can any Chumby' owner provide here the information of how fast is initial boot-up start of Chumby?
I would like to know it to compare Linux start-up time from NAND and from NOR Flash memories.

Re: Boot-up from NAND Flash. How fast?

That's actually not a useful metric on the chumby.

A lot of the boot time is related to the chosen file system (prototypes use jffs amd the production units use cramfs), and the various intentional tweaks and delays inserted into the boot process waiting for various hardware subsystems to come online.  For instance, there are delays waiting for the USB subsystem to stablilize in order to bring on the mass storage and network adaptor.  And since we're wifi, there's the whole accessing and authenticating against the AP and getting an IP allocation through DHCP, which can take 10-20 seconds.

Any difference in speed between NAND and NOR would be completely lost in all that.  You'd really have to attach to the serial ports to watch the machine boot in order to get any remotely useful statistics.