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Hello, I got the Chumby guts from Make magazine and then I found a penguin stuffie that was about the right size. Here are a couple of pics before I finish it. To protect the motherboard and the wifi I used some extra plastic cut from a soda bottle. It was a strip one inch wide and long enough to circle the bezel. I used electrical tape to attach it to the bezel and then covered it, but not too tight. I cut another strip of plastic about 1/4 inch wide to sandwich the fabric around the edge of the bezel to give it that flush look. The daughter card and speakers all sit in the caddy that came with the kit and I attached them to the bezel assembly using some cardboard I had around. I had an ER-PHOTO that I removed from its shell to reduce the size. After I covered it in tape smile I found out it fit nicely under the daughter board assembly and added weight to the bottom so now it wont roll over very easy.

My first battery test gave me 6.5 hours of my normal use ( some music, games, and just sitting on the table). Very nice! I still have to make a cover for the usb and power button but all in all its done smile
I am uploading photos to my flikr stream if anyone wants to check it out wink

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