Topic: Chumby Update problems occuring

Hey Everyone,

Many of you might have been surprised to look at your Chumbys today and see it informing you to update your Chumby to the latest software. There is nothing wrong with your Chumby! Today, we excitingly updated our website http://www.chumby.com and in the process experience some growing pains. Anyways, if you are or have been confronted with the 'Update Screen' please follow these steps.

The 'Update Screen' has two options Now and Later (a nice candy treat as well). Press 'Later' and you should not be interrupted again by the screen. If you have already pressed the 'Now' button, no worries, the Chumby should restart with a screen showing 3 buttons -- press the one named 'restart to normal operations'. This will restart your Chumby and show your widgets in no time.

If you are not presented with any screens, please restart your Chumby and you should be presented with the 3 buttons menu.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask away. Thanks for understanding and have a great day.