Topic: Alarm Setup Backup?

I just got Chumby, it is awesome....

My question is, are the many alarms I have set up backed up on the site somewhere, or are they stored within chumby? If they are stored within chumby. If they are within chumby, is there any way to back them up in case of a major issue?


Re: Alarm Setup Backup?

They are stored entirely within the chumby, in the file /psp/alarms

You could ssh into the device and manually copy the file to a USB dongle, or create a simple script to copy it:


cp /psp/alarms /mnt/usb/alarms


cp /mnt/usb/alarms /psp/alarms
echo '<event type="AlarmPlayer" value="reload" comment="/psp/alarms"/>' > /tmp/flashplayer.event
chumbyflashplayer.x -F1

The last two lines tell the Control Panel that the alarms have been update on the device.

Re: Alarm Setup Backup?

Thank you!

I will find the ssh login/password somewhere in the forums, and give it a whirl...

Re: Alarm Setup Backup?

Look here.