Topic: Chumbyland saved my chumby

When I first got my chumby in the mail, I was excited. Who wouldn't love a little touchscreen wifi computer? After a week or so, the rather repetitive and uninventive selection of apps had me ready to turn off my chumby and put it in my closet.

Then, I found chumbyland. A little piece of utopia that I can escape into. A place where everyone is nice, and willing to lend a hand to new players. At first, I was slightly shocked that a social game such as chumbyland could maintain this level of respect and kindness. I figured that everyone is nice to a noob tongue

But again, chumbyland managed to astound me. People continued to be kind and helpful (especially as I try to complete my sets). The amount of time that Develephant must have poured into this project is incredible. And every hour was well spent creating the only truely innovative and fun app for my little chumby.

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Re: Chumbyland saved my chumby

Thanks for the great feedback! smile