Topic: Airport and Chumby

Connected to the Airport and functioning flawlessly:

a Wii

a MacBook

an iMac

a printer

another Airport (for iTunes streaming)

the modem

NOT connected to the Airport:

a Chumby

I have tried everything I can think of.  When the Chumby doesn't recognise the network (which it never has so far - but it _does_ get downstairs guy's network, which he has not password-protected...) I try putting in the information manually.

I've tried:

"Apple Network e5656f"


"kitchen" (because that's the specific name of the Airport connected directly to the modem)

I've tried "automatic" settings.

I've tried following the instructions on the Chumby wiki with DNSs and so on.

I've tried everything I can think of.

No luck.

What's really irritating is that the Chumby allows me to continue filling in things even though there is probably no connection, with the result that I waste a lot of time and still do not know if it has _ever_ found the network.

So.  What do I do?


Re: Airport and Chumby

I use my Chumby with an Airport Base Station, so there's no incompatibility between the two devices...

Putting the information in manually isn't going to help the Chumby connect to a network it can't see. Is the Chumby far from the base station, or is there anything near it which could be blocking the signal? I discovered that my sofa has a metal frame underneath it which was causing a wifi 'dead spot' in my flat, for example...

Re: Airport and Chumby


I'm using Airport Express and the Chumby is - at the moment - right next to it.

(It had been in the bedroom, but since my network wasn't "available", I moved it.)

Re: Airport and Chumby

Not sure what to tell you.

I have two Airports at home - an old graphite and a brand new Extreme and they both work perfectly.

Are you operating the Airport as an 802-22n only, or are you also allowing connections from b and g devices?  Is it configured to broadcast its SSID?

What are the error messages you get when it fails?  What is the MAC address of your device (displayed in the network configuration wizard)?

Re: Airport and Chumby

See, this is a problem.

SSID.  Is that the name I get on the MacBook under Airport?  Is it "Apple Network e5659f"?  or just the "e5659f", without the "Apple Network"?

It's broadcasting (if that's it) since I see it on the Wii, the MacBook, and the iMac.  "Apple Network e5659f"

The error msg is the "cannot connect to" one.

When you say "of your device", which device are you referring to?  The Chumby? 

The "network configuration wizard"?  You mean for the Airport Express? 

Thanks in advance for clarification.

Re: Airport and Chumby

I think your best bet is to contact Customer Support - they can help you with this.

Re: Airport and Chumby


I changed the channel on the Airport from 12 to 6. 

The Chumby recognised it right away, and I am no longer obliged to be a parasite on my neighbour's network.


Re: Airport and Chumby

Just the reason behind this topic if anyones still interested.

Its my understanding that in the USA wireless networks are only meant to broadcast on channels 1 to 11.

Other parts of the world, inculding Australia where I am, broadcast on 1 to 13, and from what I know all so does the Mac Airport stuff.

My wireless access point does an automatic check to pick the clearest channel, which made my Chumby drop from time to time if the access point was restarted.

With any luck a firmware update will unlock the Chumby for the other channels if you are overseas or at least allow you to turn on/off the 12 & 13 channels so that we can take advantage of the best available channels in out homes.