Topic: authoring tool/ device for chumby?

Is there a comparable device I could set the authoring tool to in Flash to test for chumby so I have a better idea of what will and will not work on it? I've mainly just been authoring to flash 6 but that seems to have a little more capability than flash lite 2.x. Even when I upload the movie to the chumby website it will work fine in the virtual chumby but not in the actual chumby (i.e. an flv test I did before posting previously). So any ideas or device recommendations?

Re: authoring tool/ device for chumby?

I have created a basic "profile" for the Chumby that you can use if you have Flash 8 Professional (with the FlashLite extensions):

You need to copy it in the "right place" (on Windows go to C:/Program Files/Macromedia/Flash 8 and unzip. It should create a Chumby folder  and a Chumby.xml file in .../Flash 8/en/Configuration/Mobile/Devices).

I am not sure it correctly map to the Chumby (actually, I am quite sure it doesn't smile but you can look at some of the other files and try to "tweak" some of the features in Chumby.xml to better simulate the Chumby.

Assuming the "profile" is correct when you test a movie in the FlashLite emulator (again, only available, I think, in Flash 8 Pro) you should get some warning when your movie tries to use an unsupported feature. And if not, at least you get to play your movie in a chumby skin smile