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I am I student in computer science. I live in Belgium (Europe), and came upon the chumby by accident.
I just think this is a GREAT thing! I just can't wait to get my hands on one.
The device has many possibilities, and can actualy by a usefull, and nicelooking device at the same time. I like to "hack" devices (the software part that is), like modifying my mp3 player firmware and such. So I think the chumby can be an ideal playground for people like me. I could make widgets, or maybe even fiddle around with the SDK/OS?

I have some great ideas for widgets. I hope chumbies are released soon, because I would like to buy one and mess around with it tongue
You might notice me sticking around for a while.

If anyone has some news on how I could obtain one, let me know.


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Hi and welcome!

Go to and you can send in your ideas and beg for a chumby...chumbys will be released Q207 by my latest guesstimation (no, I don't work for them!).

I'm keen to link up with people like you because I have the craft skills and lots of ideas but weak software/Flash/hardware skills.

I hope eventually to do some skill swaps/collaborations with people ie. if you can trick out my chumby, I will make you a cover type of thing.

Anyone else have similar thoughts?

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haha, cool, because actually one of my ideas was to make a sort of virtual pet/tamagotchi.
I could use the squeeze sensors, and the mic, for some very special features.
Also I could make it kinda "multiplayer", so you can compare with others, and see records like "longest living" and such.

But I need a chumby first smile I read the hardware specs, but I would like to familiarize with it. But as long as I don't have one, I can't really do anything.

This kind of software thing could use a nice hardware/craft/mod to go along with it, so that the screen become's the creatures face, or whatever.
Just saying.
I know this is not a very adult program, but It will make the chumby atractive for the younger ones, and might improve chumby sales.


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I think that is an excellent idea. Don't worry about it being childish! Check out my post regarding my reaction and other sane adult's reactions to chumby. I'm finding this phenomenon really interesting...

I could definitely make some interesting animal bodies to put the face in. Have a look at pics tagged amigurumi on flickr for some ideas.

Actually, for your idea you may not have to wait for a chumby. I think Duane is organising a virtual chumby for people to play with...not sure when it will be up though.

I have been playing Animal Crossing on my DS...have you seen the Katamari cartoon where the guy takes out the letterbox with his car? By instinct...because it was smaller than him lol  Hmmm...well I saw something floating in my swimming pool this morning. Half awake...I thought it was a fish and that I should get out my fishing rod and catch it to sell to Tom Nook...uhoh...who needs ubiquitous computing?!