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Topic: Chumby Town + Chumby Logo

Just a bit of an idea for your website....

Make it a chumby town with different places to visit....

Chumby Hospital                   (repair advice/info on where to send chumby for repairs)
Chumby Boutique                  (for selling outers)
Chumby Books                     (for instructables)
Chumby Garage/Workshop    (ideas on hardware tinkering/spare parts/addons)
Chumby School/Library          (basic instructions/podcasts/tutorials)
Chumby University                (for chumby philosophers/ a chumby manifesto)
Chumby Art Gallery               (pics of modded chumbies/feature artists)
Chumby Noticeboard              (for announcements)
Chumby Soapbox                 (in central square - forums)
Chumby Tech (?)                   (for widgets/software stuff)
Chumby Newsagency            (for widget subscriptions/flash content)
Chumby Park                       (for fun game like activities related to chumby)
Chumby Aquarium                (modded versions of the logo - is it a squid, a jellyfish or a sextopus?)
Chumby Airport                    (to take you to other international chumby sites)
Chumby Zoo                        (for pics of chumbys that get put into animal outers)
Chumby Town Hall                (for registering your chumby)
Chumby Psychiatric Hospital    (for me)

In the deep, dark recesses of my memory didn't Apple use something like this...say around 1994... as a portal to get people on the web (gosh, was it that long ago?).

I think chumby's kawaii factor is something to work with...that logo has huge appeal...

But what is it.... a squid? a jellyfish? a sextopus?

I had this crazy (probably very flammable/non-pc) idea that chumby's charity of choice should be an association that supports amputees.

Re: Chumby Town + Chumby Logo

heh... yeah since if Chumby is an octopus he/she is missing 2 legs... but yeah not P.C. it wouldn't fly.

Chumby town would probably work though... for some reason people like this kinda thing.

Re: Chumby Town + Chumby Logo

Angela wrote:

But what is it.... a squid? a jellyfish? a sextopus?

It's a "Sexipus." smile  Not sure why we settled on 6 legs, but it sure looks cool!


Re: Chumby Town + Chumby Logo

LOL angela, just read the last line in your post. That made me laugh!!! big_smile

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