Topic: Working on unbricking the HID-B7 / B70

  I love my Infocast 8, and the Chumby hardware, the folks keeping Chumby running are awesome.

In pricing out an Infocast for my wife, I was surprised to discover the value has gone up, since they
can be made operational via (I scored mine cheap on Craigslist, during a time when Chumby
had ceased, but before Duane[? I think] got the services back).

Then I read that the Dash can be chumbified, so I ordered the cheapest one I could find on fleabay, without
doing enough research first. Of course, I got a nice HID-B7 brick.

After scrounging through Sony Community, the forums here, reddit, and slashdot (which pretty much constitutes
all there is on this thing [except some XDA forums tidbits), I've learned that:
1) It was the C10 that was ...breached
2) Sony has effectively blacked out as much as they could on the device, and people are being asked to return their units
to get garbage-tier parting gifts
3) There are people working on the B7(0)s, but they've been hampered.

I did manage to find the following:
- All the GPL sources they released for the B7
- A similar board support / OS  package generator for a similar product from a different company, that fills in the some of the operational
gaps from the above material.
- The for the C10 ssh kludge
- The last good (1.7.1526) for the C10
- A 'TVID Upgrading Mode'

What I don't have is:
- a good idea of the B7 memory layout (flash/mtd & ram)
- the Sony encryption key to generate signed update images
- any 's for the B7
- any idea what TVID is; search engine queries lead off on unrelated tangents

So, if anyone with any additional information wants to contact me via PM, perhaps we can share resources and get the B7 unbricked.

Re: Working on unbricking the HID-B7 / B70

Oops, just realized there's no PM and I have 'allow email from forum' disabled.
I can be reached at tarkin000 AT mail DOT com, or if people / admins feel that is a scam,
I will enable mail-from-forum.

To be clear, I am NOT asking for:
-Sony encryption keys
-help disseminating Sony intellectual property

I am investigating a device I own for research purposes and would like to compare notes with someone doing the same.

Re: Working on unbricking the HID-B7 / B70

I really hope someone will succeed and we will be able to bring B7s back to life

Re: Working on unbricking the HID-B7 / B70

Miracles just take time.

Re: Working on unbricking the HID-B7 / B70

demarks51 wrote:

Miracles just take time.

Not sure if Chumby's team were able to make any progress at all however Christmas is coming, so you never know :)