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It's a sad sad day, my Chumby One no longer wants to power on (at all). Just came in yesterday and it had gone dark.

There is no sign that it's even receiving power, but I have tested the (replacement) PSU with a meter and it's working fine. So it's something in the Chumby sadly.

After the PSU, any other common power supply issues that are known the fail in the Chumby that I can easily be repaired.

Or what are the spare parts situation to revive my Chumby?


Re: Chumby One Dead

How did you test the PSU? Just because it is showing the proper voltage does not mean it is supplying the proper amount of current.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.

Re: Chumby One Dead

I tried a bench PSU with the Chumby, so definitely not the PSU.

Re: Chumby One Dead

So given Duane that you were asking for parts on another thread from a couple of years ago, can you repair or do you still sell complete Chumbys or Chumby One parts?