Re: How to load alternate themes.

would any user be kind enough to make a youtube walk thru video of this process for users like myself who are barely able to follow all there computer terms and process names... i was able to jailbreak my ideevices and hack my psps, i would like to understand this ssh process and see step by step how you access the dash to enter these commands to change your themes

OR ..

will more theme options be a possibility in a future software version? i miss my old themes like crazy, but i am patient.. thiss proocess has me confused and i am really trying to read everything, im also not familiar wiith forums so i may be missing parts of he discussion. also thankyou everyone who made this ressurrection possible. i encourage every dash owner to donate and try out the service

my requests for the future. if possible..

enable the weather widget , youtube, more theme options..

again THANKYOU!!!!