Re: Duane! Diamaunt! Y'all are AWESOME!

So there was weeping the other night. I tried "Shoutcast Radio" for the first time ... It took 15 seconds to type in "Gregorian" and get a station that is as good or better than my Gregorian Pandora station. I've learned to keep my phone by close with Shazam in case a song I want to learn more about comes on ... My Chumby Dash is TOTALLY better than the Sony Version.

I wept for happy.

Re: Duane! Diamaunt! Y'all are AWESOME!

I have read through some of the other posts in this forum and some of the posts, especially in the disappointed thread which prompted me to enter here as the title of this thread expresses especially how I feel.   

I want to thank Duane and all of the others that have taken the time to bring life back into my Sony Dash.  I know it has taken alot of time, effort, frustrations and work to do so since Sony declared our product obsolete.   

Following the instructions contained in this forum area, I have re-established my Dash, screen and widgets back to where I was before and for $3 per month,  I can say it is totally worth it.

I join the group and say thanks Duane, thanks for the hard work and willingness to keep this, and our dashes alive and well,  and hearty job Well Done!!

Re: Duane! Diamaunt! Y'all are AWESOME!

Every time I walk into my bedroom, my eyes go to the nightstand where my Dash sits. I've been so sad that since I unplugged it, this habit continues, reminding me how much I miss my clock & weather display.

And now I'm HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!! My little chumdash is all lit up and colorful!!

My deepest gratitude to all of you for helping this old lady have a working clock - with night mode too!