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Topic: Video of sony brick update

Result is logo on screen and flashing sony logo below screen after 1.7.1526 A. To 1.7.1604


Really umbelievable that this device could not be set free instead of bricked.   Plan to try a dispute with American Express against sony store...   will see where it goes

Re: Video of sony brick update

Thanks for posting that video - we're going through it in detail to see what it's doing during the update.

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I'm glad someone recorded it!  I have three dashes and one of the three has the flashing logo issue.  I'd be interested what proportion of units have this issue.

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It would indeed be nice to know.

It's quite possible that Sony has destroyed enough of the potential user base of chumby-enabled dash devices to significantly alter the business case for supporting them.

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Re: Video of sony brick update

Hopefully a method of unbricking can be discovered and that information can be disseminated to the owners of bricked Dashes before owners start throwing their units away.

And as hoped, a method of unbricking was discovered.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.

Re: Video of sony brick update

Was able to "unbrick" two of mine, so there is hope!  I posted a thread with the steps I followed. Hopefully will work for some others. Posting here so anyone reading will know there is a chance they can "save" their DASH's until the fix is ready.

Re: Video of sony brick update

I have bricked mine twice, and unbricked it twice, thanks to the unbrick method posted here.