Topic: Virtual-Chumby code for use in PC screensaver or on other hardware

I'd like to be able to duplicate the function of "Virtual Chumby" but without the virtual outer case being displayed, so that widgets could be played seamlessly in a PC screensaver or directly on another device such as a PDA or SmartPhone (with Internet/WiFi).

I gather that "Virtual Chumby" is Flash code that loads another movie (the widgets).  Would it be possible to release a version of that Flash code which is sized to just fit the widgets (320x240) without any artificial case around them? 

Or even better, release the source code of "Virtual Chumby" so that it can be customized to suit specific formfactors like PDAs or other handheld devices with small screens (and that support Flash)?  With the source it should be possible to add extra functions, like Pause, or Advance To Next.