Topic: 5/3/2017 Software Update to Dash

Has anyone else been getting a pop-up to load a 30 file to your Dash?  I've been refusing but it keeps popping up every few hours.

I'm holding off to see what happens here but I feel Sony may be putting in a Good-Bye and then a kill switch software for July 1.

?  who knows  ?

Mike in Cincinnati

Re: 5/3/2017 Software Update to Dash

If  you mean the Control Panel update, all 3 of my units have been updated but the firmware has stayed the same. You would not want to update the firmware if offered.  I don't think Sony will be doing that but they are letting people know that the Dash is over. If you reboot your unit it will update on its own. Doesn't seem to be a problem but July is not  here yet.

Re: 5/3/2017 Software Update to Dash

So... I was dumb enough to do that very most recent firmware update.  I don't remember if it was because of a reboot, or I actually just ... "did it."  My wife's Dash ended up doing the update, but it must have been after a power outage or something because she says she didn't do it herself.

ANYWAY.... someone can correct or clarify, but I honestly think the only thing the stupi d update did was write a message (in very small text) over the lower screen when you press the top button for menu.  I think it pops up in another way.

But... it's just the same message regarding Sony ditch'n the Dash, essentially bricking it.  I wish Sony would at least do one last update to at least open it's firmware to allow open sourcing to people.

Re: 5/3/2017 Software Update to Dash

Yes, it looks like the last thing they did was a Control Panel update that simply added the "end of life" message.

To check, open the Control Panel, select "MENU"=>"System"=>"Device Info" and make sure the firmware version is still 1.7.1526.

Re: 5/3/2017 Software Update to Dash

Is it possible and would it be good, to update Dash to an older firmware?  Would that allow anything better to customize such as unlocking a partition?

Wouldn't it awesome if Sony sent one last over the air update that unlocked our Dash's so we could connect to our wifi routers? I know, I'm dreamin'.

Re: 5/3/2017 Software Update to Dash

You can update the firmware to an older version of the firmware if you have a copy somewhere.  I'm not sure where that would get you.

The partitions that hold the software you'd need to replace have been locked since the dash shipped. When Sony did updates, they recomputed the signature for the updated software so they stayed locked.

The "/psp" partition was not locked since it was designed to hold configuration files, so there was a hack for the next-to-last firmware release that allowed you to add entries to the crontab that could execute a binary, but it seems Sony closed that hole as part of their 1.7.1526 firmware release.

Yes, it would be nice if Sony were release a new bootloader that would not enforce the security, but it seems highly unlikely to happen at this point.

Fortunately, the method we're using to get into the device does not require the software to be modified.