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With apologies for another dumb newbie question.

I'm using a Chumby as a clock radio. Every weekday morning it's programmed with a custom alarm to wake us at 5:26am by playing the stream of a national BBC radio station. The alarm is set to a 2 hour duration so it's playing up until we leave the house.

Some days we don't need to go out until later. Apart from turning the Chumby off and back on again, is there some way to cancel (not snooze) the alarm until it wakes us again the following day? Everything I tried works out sticky so no more radio stream in the mornings until I manually take mute off.

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Re: Silencing An Alarm

Someone else may have a more elegant solution than me, but I know you can do this... On the night-mode screen, there's a choice at the bottom that allows you to skip the next scheduled alarm. So, you could create another "alarm" that just puts the screen into night-mode before that alarm goes off. Then, you can just skip the alarm without affecting any future alarms.

Re: Silencing An Alarm

Chumby night screen showing button to skip next alarm