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Topic: Infocast 8 powersupply

Well last night my house power went on the blink. The power went on and off 6 or eight times before the power company could come out and replace my power meter which was in the throes of death! (first time for me and it was only 2 1/2 years old!)

Anyway all was fine until I tried to restart my I8. It was not wanting to turn on. Checking the power supply I found it to be DOA. I tried CPR after finding a blown transistor but it was not to be. I purchased this as a used item and noticed the power supply had been replaced on a factory plug. I just happened to have another 5 VDC power supply that had the right amp rating. Some solder and heat shrink later, the I8 was happily churning out widgets with glee.

My household was finally back to normal.

Re: Infocast 8 powersupply

It's alive!!!

Glad to hear the happy ending!

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.