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Topic: Feature request - automatic music stream restart

Hi team,

It would be handy to have the Chumby automatically try to reconnect to a music stream that was playing but gets terminated by the music server.

I use as of proxied streaming stations from my ISP, and I suspect that they are stopping streams that have been playing for a fixed length of time which is annoying as I need to manually restart the stream playback when this happens.

My suggestion would be a once only attempt at restarting the stream, after a delay of a few seconds.

Kind regards,

PS: I am on a Chumby classic running current firmware.

Re: Feature request - automatic music stream restart


Glad you are such a fan of your Chumby. Please be aware that there is only one "developer" working on the system and he is doing it in his spare time after his full time job. He also has a family that occasionally needs attention. The rest of the Chumby team are volunteers with various levels of experience and limited/no access to the system. The good news is the Chumby software is open and if you have the skills you can make your Chumby do almost anything you want. The current priority is to get the full system back up, squash bugs, and keep it stable. Once that has been accomplished additional features can be addressed. Thank you for your understanding.

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Re: Feature request - automatic music stream restart

I hear you, and certainly appreciate the efforts.

One for the to do list... ;-)