Topic: SHOUTcast status

As many of you may know, AOL recently announced that they were planning on shutting down the services for WinAmp and SHOUTcast.  SHOUTcast has been a major media partner for Chumby in the past and an important music option for the devices.

Recently, WinAmp and SHOUTcast were acquired by Radionomy Group B.V, and its subsidiary, Radionomy SA ("Radionomy"), operators of the site.

We have received formal notification from Nullsoft that our license to the SHOUTcast service has been transferred to Radionomy under new terms that are consistent with our current use of the service.

What this means is that we currently do not expect any interruption or termination in the availability of the SHOUTcast service for Chumby devices.

Re: SHOUTcast status

I love it when there is good news to share!

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