Topic: Unscheduled maintenance Aug 19 2013

Sorry about the unscheduled downtime.  The forum/wiki/files machine was showing some unusual activity and I took it offline as a precaution.

As you can see, I've brought back the forum and, however, the wiki is still offline for now.

Re: Unscheduled maintenance Aug 19 2013

The wiki is back online now. I have implemented wide-reaching site bans, so if you find yourself getting a big red (well, pink) screen telling you your IP has been blocked, please let me know (assuming you're reading this from a friend's computer/work computer/library/cafe/etc right now, as this post is inaccessible to anyone who's blocked!).

Re: Unscheduled maintenance Aug 19 2013

The bans must be working as there has been very little spam. It may not be the primary reason for the bans but it is a nice side effect.

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