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Topic: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

I bought today a new C8 and I can't get it working.
First I got wifi on and timezone, then it loads control panel but then it fails updating. It just says "Software update unsuccesful. Please turn the device off and then back on to retry the update"
Okay, I turn it off and back on, but still nothing.

I also tried Zurk's offline firmware but it doesn't work. I can hear the Zurk's offline firmware sound on startup and then it again loads control panel and tries to load software update and then nothing.

Can you help me and my Chumby? smile

Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Where did you find a "new" Chumby 8?

In any case, what I recommend is doing a firmware update over USB, not over-the-air (there is currently no update server to respond).

See this post - download the correct file, put it on a USB flash drive, and follow the same instructions as the Chumby One on this post.

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Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Look at this topic http://forum.chumby.com/viewtopic.php?id=8679

I think that this store had 100 ones in their stock them was sold in a one minute.
So, I think that chumby forum comes to get some new "customers" big_smile

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Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Thank you very much! It's working now

I found it from that Finnish electronics store, they had last ones on sale only for 10 euros! and yes I'm one of them

Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

+1 here.

Im having an interesting wifi problem, as my C8 can't see my home wifi at all. What makes this interesting is that i have several smartphones, a laptop and a tablet working just fine. It doesn't help if I turn the ssid broadcast on, or even if I turn all password protections off. It just doesn't see it.
Any ideas on what the problem might be? Router is a Linksys WAG320N adsl-modem-router.

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Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

+1 here from Tampere store. got same updating problem as above but havent got my usb stick recognitzed. Also there where older people and people who don't know shit about computers buying chumbys, so i wonder what they gonna do : D

Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Not all USB sticks are recognized by the device - you may need to try a few before you find one that works.

I'm really curious where these devices came from that they'd end up sold in Finland - they also do not appear to have the proper firmware on them.

Other than recommending doing the firmware update, there really isn't much I can do.

Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

I've been tinkering with Zurk's offline firmware and the original, neither seem to see the Wifi. Chumby sees other neighborhood Wifis, and I can connect it sharing my phones internet connection via Wifi.

If I'd have to guess, that particular company might have bought these units quite some time ago. they just probably wanted to get rid of them with Chumby Inc. dead and all.

Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Funny about this is that the company promised working chumbys with all its full features. They only mentioned you could have some problems in future because chumby inc is having problems, but didint except i wouldn't be able to start my own or do anything with it without hacking or modding : D

Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

I think there was  support for Chumby's despite the company deceased 2011 by some ex emplyee- until february 2013 the support money ran out .. the price for Chumby 8 in verkkokauppa.com was long time (they sold Chumbys many years, I remember it because I bought form there a cheapo A-Link PAD 2011 ant the Chumby One was there then)  75 euros but in one moment about a week a go they dropped the price to 9.90 euros + 0.60 p&p (smart post) .. I did'n stand a chance to get one however I read right away from murobbs.com from some thread about the dropped price  sad .. oh, well, you can't always win big_smile

Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Hey hez3,
I am using the Chumby One since years until the widgedts do not work anymore. Via the website I recognized the Problem and found this forum. But I will go to the point: It is possible for you to buy two of the Chumby 8 devices for 9,99€? I would do so, but the store do not sent to Germany.
It would be great, If it would be possible.

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Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Re the source of the "new" defective Chumbys coming from Finland...

I happened to notice around February 2012 that an online electronic site in Russia was selling Chumbys as well as other "boutique" tech items like iPads. Just a wild guess based on geography, but I wonder if their supplier's rejects ended up in Finland.

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Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Verkkokauppa.com sold all 100's  units in couple of hours  - so you can't buy them any more .. nobody bought them when they cost 75 €  .. so 75 € was way too much and  9.90 way too low?

Re: Startup problem on a new Chumby 8

Well, I  cant never be too low tongue
Lets see, what the future bring to us....