Topic: Chumby 8 won't boot

I recently bought a Chumby 8 off ebay.  It was It was advertised as non functioning and lived up to that.  It won't start.  So I soldered a 5 pin header to the serial port and took a peek at the boot up messages.

Well, it starts the most annoying boot loader, outputs "leveling up" and that's it.

Does anyone know:

a) what "leveling up" means.
b) and is it fixable?

Re: Chumby 8 won't boot

I've seen this on other chumby devices.  I don't remember what it means.  I just tried a C1 (because it was handy and I modded the case to have serial on the outside), but didn't see the message.  I must have seen it on a CC.

The two guesses I have are:
* Bootloader saying "leveling up" as it execs to the linux kernel
* Bootloader doing something security-related with the onboard crypto processor

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Re: Chumby 8 won't boot

Its *possible* the microsd card is corrupt. You should be able to open it up, remove the card and either reburn it or replace it.