Topic: where to buy chumby mainboard?

my Chumby mainboard is broken. I accidently bought a chumby hacker board, which is not a replacement, because of missing connectors (especially display).
Where can I get the original mainboards? I can't find anything at this time. If someone has a broken Chumby with intact mainboard, I'd also be very interested.
I live in Germany, so a distributor in Europe would be good, but not that important.

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Actually, you'd be surprised.  I don't know if there are any left, but based on recent conversations with him I wouldn't be entirely surprised if he still had a few floating around somewhere.

Also, if worst comes to worst, try eBay for a used Chumby (possibly even one sold as "not working/for parts" -- many times it's the power supply that goes first, or sometimes the screen, in which case the board would still be fine).

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What type of chumby is this?

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I have a similar problem. Killed my Chumby One's mainboard by sheer stupidity. Debugged the hell out of it, exchanged some broken parts (you really got a strange USB hub chip on there) got it up and running for a while, but it keeps failing hard every few days. But at least now I know how long the Chumby lives if you accidentally use a 9V power supply (a few hours).

So, umm, my point being: Do you have a spare Chumby One mainboard, and how much does it cost? There simply is no decent replacement that is equally well network radio and alarm clock.

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If that doesn't work out, I might have some C1 motherboards in storage.

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The Infocast is just like the C1, except black(ish) and no battery compartment? Sounds nice. I have sent you private mail.

Won't throw away my C1, though. Even if it should just serve as spare parts... Duane, in case you ever feel tempted to throw your stash away, send me a message first wink

And on a totally off-topic note: Thanks for keeping the last bits together, as few as there may be. I really appreciate your work.

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Thank you for your help. The infocast arrived yesterday, well-packaged and working.

(Actually... do you know those impenetrable plastic blisters? Your thorough packaging job reminded me of them smile