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Dear Chumby owners,

I mount my NAS(Network Attached Storage, i.e. network disk) to Chumby music file as following:

insmod /drivers/cifs.ko
mount -t cifs //ip-of-NAS/music /mnt/myNAS -o username='usr', password='pwd'

But the filenames in Japanese and Chinese are all displayed in ??????.mp3
For me, if it could be display like that: would be enough:)

The NAS runs same as Chumby: busybox - embeded linux os.

I checked ENV of Chumby:


I think there must be problem of filename encoding within the process of mount.
But I don't know how to change this.

Could anyone help? thanks in advance!

Re: mount and filename encoding

Try "mount -t cifs //ip-of-NAS/music /mnt/myNAS -o username='usr', password='pwd', iocharset=utf8"

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Re: mount and filename encoding

That works like a charm!

Thanks Duane for always being so supportive!
BTW: How to enter a mounted NAS file(or playlist .m3u) to "My streams" ? Does Chumby support uPnp/DLNA?

I have tried "file:////mnt/NAS/mymusic.m3u" and also "//mnt/NAS/mymusic.m3u", not work.


Re: mount and filename encoding

"My Streams" requires absolute paths, both for the m3U and for the files referenced by them - so it's likely the "file://..." path worked, but it was unable to access the MP3 files themselves, since the m3u likely contains relative paths.

Re: mount and filename encoding


U are right!
I wonder why use "my music files", I cannot play the m3u file? it can only list mp3 files.
Any way to change the config to list and play m3u playlist?

Re: mount and filename encoding

No, "My Music Files" only understands the actual music, not playlists.