Topic: Pandora constantly cuts out

Pandora is driving me crazy. If I try to listen to a station while the pandora interface is on the screen the music will cut out repeatedly similar to when something is buffering. The wifi connection is strong and I don't have the problem with any other device. If I close the pandora interface and put the screen on sleep mode the music will stream just fine, no stopping. The second any widgets come on screen though the music starts stopping again. I don't know if it's a processor problem or what. Restarting doesn't seem to help much either. Please help me. I love my chumby one but this is really killing it for me. Thanks.     
p.s. I've had a similar issue with streaming on iheartradio as well.

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Re: Pandora constantly cuts out

Make sure you have the latest software update for your unit. Also is there any other bandwidth grabber on your network? I have had some minor Pandora choppiness but it was temporary. I also have had some router problems that may have caused some of the disruptions. I am on my fourth router in the past year and the current one seems to have fixed some problems that I was having. My chumbys are all working very well now. Check your router settings for optimum performance. I am no IT guru but reading what some of the router tweaks can do sometimes makes a big difference.

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