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I took apart my Chumby One to swap the SD card with a larger one, but i accidentally teared the display-connector in half. Since the chumby support isn't responding, does anyone here have a replacement LCD for me?

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Re: LCD replacement

Hi Niek, and welcome to the forums.  Unfortunately, Chumby as a company no longer exists -- hence why you're not getting any response from their support.  Your best bet would be to find someone (possibly on eBay or the like) who has a Chumby One or Infocast 3.5 that doesn't boot (but the screen is working), and buy it off them cheap for parts.

Duane has a small amount of Chumby devices on hand (though he did not specify whether he had any Chumby Ones) for honoring warranty replacements -- unfortunately your device would not qualify for a warranty replacement, so you would have to wait until December when the last warranties expire to seek a discounted replacement.  You can read more about this in this sticky thread.

Here's a Chumby One up for bid on eBay, and here's another -- these both appear to be fully functional devices, so you might consider just replacing your Chumby One entirely (unless you successfully upgraded the flash and want to stick with that).

Re: LCD replacement

Looks like i'll have to wait, not one seller is willing to ship outside the USA..