Topic: PXA168 Reference Manual

Anybody have this in PDF?  Does Marvell distribute it?  The only document I can find is the 2 page product brief.  I cannot find a detailed datasheet that contains pinouts, GPIOs, etc.

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Re: PXA168 Reference Manual

Hi Materdaddy --

Check here: … da-168.jsp

I see a hardware manual and a few others......

I'm trying to get OE setup. Not sure whether to do it the chumby wiki way or the OE wiki way. What do you think?


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Re: PXA168 Reference Manual

Thanks for those links.  I'll take a look tonight.

As for the OE... I'm not sure.  I only played with OE once about 4 years ago on my chumby classic.  I think there were no instructions on the chumby wiki, only some really old blog post with vague directions.  It ran very slowly and I never really did much with it.  This was long before OE was in git too.  Good luck.

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