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Topic: About the Off-Topic forum

@Doktor Jones- Off-topic forum is a great idea. Unfortunately, currently the topic is "closed" so we can't post there. Please open it up! I'm eager to talk about Google taking over the world and other non-Chumby areas. Actually, I have some nice things I'd like to say, too. Thanks for taking the initiative to put a positive spin on our little Chumby-world!

BTW, good idea to put in the note that we're not looking for people who are just going to moan and groan in a "detrimental" way. Good to put that up front. Actually, I think most of them are gone from the forums already.

Re: About the Off-Topic forum

You can't post a new topic in that section?

I can't tell if it's broken, since I'm an Admin and have Super Cow Powers so the fact that I can do something tells me nothing about anyone else.

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Appears to work:

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Yes, I have closed the welcome post, so you are unable to reply to that specific thread, but that is because it's intended to sit at the top as a rules reminder.

I gave the forum permissions a quick once-over and things looked alright there.  You should be free to create a new thread in the forum; it seems Materdaddy hasn't had a problem doing so -- if it's giving you trouble, let me know.

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SORRY! Yeah, when I looked yesterday, I didn't realize it was just that one thread that was closed, since that was the only thing up there at the time. I was dumb, no excuse! Sorry I took up you folks' time, but thanks for straightening me out.