Topic: Upgrading infocast 3.5" SD Card?

I've searched the forums and was able to find some limited instructions on how to do this on the Chumby One and Infocast 8" but nothing specific for the 3.5". I'm assuming its pretty close to the same as the others but I'd feel a bit more confident with step by step instructions.

So in short I have 3 questions.

1) First off does the infocast 3.5" support cards >2GB?

2) If so could someone help with detailed instructions for copying the SD card contents to a new card (dd copy?) and then how to expand the partitions (and which partitions need expansion) to make use of the extra space. I'm not a complete linux newb but at the same time I know how powerful some commands can be and don't want to accidentally overwrite something etc.
In this post here there seems to be info regarding exactly what I want to do but the help page it references does not exist.

3) Is there a ROM download available for the infocast 3.5" just in case something goes awry along the way?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Upgrading infocast 3.5" SD Card?

The Infocast 3.5 is nearly identical to the Chumby One - it's a different hardware version, but in the same family.  The primary difference is the lack of battery support and some part substitutions (for cost-down reasons), which should not affect anything you're doing.

I believe you should be able to use the Chumby One ROM image in an Infocast 3.5 - however, I'd recommend backing up the one you already have just in case.

Re: Upgrading infocast 3.5" SD Card?

Thanks for the reply Duane, I just finished my backup so now I'm a bit less apprehensive about experimenting smile This is what I did for the backup, so that others have a step by step guide I'm including what I did below. Does it look right to you?

Removed wifi dongle and plugged in USB drive (didn't have a serial cable handy so I needed two usb ports, one for keyboard and one for the usb drive)
Plugged in USB keyboard which brings up a terminal window
cd /tmp/
mkdir externalusb
mount /dev/sda1 /tmp/externalusb
dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=32M of=/tmp/externalusb/infocast.img
Took about an hour to copy, it looks like nothing is happening but when its done it'll start a new line on the screen. Be patient.

Also, being that they're very similar HW wise then it would stand to reason that if the C1 supports larger SD cards then the infocast should as well?

Re: Upgrading infocast 3.5" SD Card?


Re: Upgrading infocast 3.5" SD Card?

Just in case anyone else comes across this thread and follows what I did for backing up my device I realized there was a typo regarding the block size, if you run:

dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=32M of=/tmp/externalusb/infocast.img

you'll get a message "dd: memory exhausted" because its trying to write 32M blocks to ram then to the usb, the proper command should be the same minus the bs part.

dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/tmp/externalusb/infocast.img

I got a 2nd infocast of ebay and was backing it up before I did anything else and was actually using my previous forum post as a reference so I caught the mistake smile