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My son created a new channel that seems to be confusing and my device. His channel name is "JEFFREY!!!$$$@@@###" (without the quotes). I'm guessing that this name has some sort of escape sequence or other issue that is messign things up, but I'm not sure.

I cannot delete this channel from, and my device gets stuck when I go into "My Channels" in the Control Panel. I guess I could create a new account from scratch without this channel and reset my device-- any other ideas?

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To clarify, in, when I go into My Chumby->My Channels and select the strangely-named channel, "delete channel" and "rename channel" are grayed out. On other channels, these links are active and work...

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1. On the "my chumby dashboard" page, choose the channel in the "Select a channel" dropdown
2. Right-click the "manage channel" link and choose "Copy Shortcut" (or "Copy link address" or "Copy link location", depending on your browser)
3. Open notepad or any other text editor and paste the address; it should look like this … 39865EDFEF
4. Replace "channels" in the link with "remove_channel"
5. Copy and paste the modified link into your browser and press ENTER

With any luck, this will delete the channel and you'll wind up back on the "my channels" page with the errant channel removed from the list.  I tested my instructions and they deleted the test channel I created; however, I could not reproduce your issue even with the same channel name, so something else may be at play here.

If the tweaked link doesn't get rid of it, you may want to try deleting your browser cache and history (first, close all browser windows but one, and go to a non-chumby site like -- this will make sure that the browser doesn't retain anything from the chumby site).  After doing so, try logging back into the chumby site and see if the delete control is available, or try the tweaked link again.

If neither of these work, Duane might be able to manually remove the channel from your profile.  Let me know whether either of my instructions worked, and if neither did, I'll point Duane your way so he can get in touch with you and hopefully get this resolved smile

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Let me know if these steps don't work, and I'll see what I can do.

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It looks like this may have been resolved - I do not see a channel with that name in the account.

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Thanks for the ideas. Before I read your responses, I downloaded the beta control panel, with which I was able to rename the channel on the device. Once I did this, everything was back to normal.

Looking back, it seems that there IS a bug with the naming of channels, where a channel with some combination of characters prevents the device from loading the channel properly.

It also appears that the "default" channel (I forget what this is actually called) cannot be renamed (or deleted) from, but it can be renamed on the device (at least an 8" device). The combination of a "bad" channel name with the "default" channel was the mess I was in.

Thanks for your help!