Topic: Sony Dash dev shutdown

We had a few private apps on the Sony Dash developer site, and they eventually showed up on under the same account.

We eventually submitted one of those apps for public approval, and after approval, several customers were using it. But that public app did NOT show up on

Sony recently shut down their Dash developer site, and I've been working toward maintaining the apps on instead. But the public app, although it appears in our app list on, is not publicly available.

Anyone know how can I make sure the public app is publicly available?

Re: Sony Dash dev shutdown

I've made the app public.

Re: Sony Dash dev shutdown

Duane, there's a bit of confusion here.

The app that has disappeared from the public lists is called "Rainwise MKIII Weather Monitor", and it is under user Is it possible for you to make THAT one public?

It's the same app as the one you DID make public under my user account -- Rainwise InTouch Weather Monitor -- except that it's laid out for the Dash display.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Sony Dash dev shutdown

OK, I've made the one @carsten public and marked yours private.  Sorry about the confusion.

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Why would that app not be available to someone using a Sony Dash? Is app access for the Dash specific to Sony's servers? I would ask this question of Sony, but they have shut down their Dash developer support a few weeks before they said they would, and they've left Intellergy and a host of customers high and dry.

Re: Sony Dash dev shutdown

Dashes now connect only to Sony's servers.  The systems are completely separate.