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hi all, hope all are fine. I have problem that i am using actionscript2 for chumby one. But actionscript2 doesn't allow  User-Agent header . I want to write c code for chumby one but i need to know that Which user-agent chumby one uses. any ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, please reply me. thanksssssssssssssss

Re: need to know the User-Agent of chumby

The Flash Player on the devices uses the following User Agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; U; Chumby; Linux) Flash Lite VERSION

... where "VERSION" is the version of the Flash Lite player on the device, currently 3.1.5, 3.1.7, or 4.0.2 depending upon the device and firmware version.  Hopefully your code support patterns, in which case you can just look for "Chumby".  This shouldinclude the Sony dash, as well - even though it's not a chumby per se, it uses a version of the Flash Player we created for them.

For Android, the User Agent is generated by the stock Flash Player 10/11 in combination with the WebKit-based browser control.  In the case of the Insignia TV, it's whatever the Adobe Stagecraft player does - I don't know off hand.

Re: need to know the User-Agent of chumby

Thanks for your great response, but I have a confusion that why Mozilla/5.0 is included with the user-agent of chumby one device, is there any browser configuration inside the chumby one for Mozilla firefox, because User-Agent is related to name, if Mozilla firefox sends the user-agent then Mozilla will be inside the User-Agent, if opera sends the user-agent then opera will be inside the user-agent, could you tell me please about it, I am confused and another thing is that can I change the user-agent inside the device chumby one, from where I can change the user-agent(filename and which path), please if you have idea, please reply me, thanks again................

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The word "Mozilla" is included in a *lot* of user agent strings for somewhat obscure historical reasons.

You cannot change the user agent for the device - it's hardcoded in the Flash Player binary.

Re: need to know the User-Agent of chumby

Thanks a lot, have a nice day