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Topic: Cozi widget not functioning properly

The Cozi widget no longer stays logged in. As soon as next widget loads, it is signed out and asks to sign in next time up. It has functioned fine until now. Tried uninstalling widget from channel via website, reinstalling, signing in, all these work. But still need to sign in on chumby and then it still doesn't stay signed in. Is this a Cozi widget issue (update) or a Chumby one? This is a favorite widget! All other widgets seem fine.

Re: Cozi widget not functioning properly

   We have seen this issue previously, but it is very hard to reproduce. We think it may be caused by an issue with Cozi's servers, but we are looking into it in more detail. I will let you know when we have any updates.


Re: Cozi widget not functioning properly

Here is the reply I got from Cozi today - Looks like cozi is gone for Chumby.             

Thanks for contacting Cozi!

I'm sorry but Cozi Customer Support is not able to resolve issues with the Sony Dash or Chumby devices. I know this is now the answer that you were looking for. Cozi is available and is supported on many other platforms, including on the Web, on mobile phones, and in Windows Desktop Gadgets. I hope that one of these alternate ways to access your Cozi calendar will work for you.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and please let me know if there are other issues I can help you with.

Re: Cozi widget not functioning properly

I am new to Chumby - Cozi has never worked for me.  I've tried installing with popup blocker off, reinstalling, etc.  and it logs me off as described above.  I'd like this widget if it worked.

Re: Cozi widget not functioning properly

I have been using Cozi for a couple of months, it's been great wake up and have a calendar at your side.  As of 2 weeks ago, my multiple Chumby's have not been saving the login information for Cozi.  Is there an update down the road?

Re: Cozi widget not functioning properly

We have 4 Chumby's, I finally convinced my wife to use Cozi and she loved it.  It's no longer works, emails from Cozi state that I should look into getting a smart phone, computer, or tablet.  Thanks a lot!

Re: Cozi widget not functioning properly

Any chance of this getting resolved? None of the other calendar widgets has the same clean look as Cozi.

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Probably not - the agreement between Chumby and Cozi has long expired, and my understanding is that Cozi is no longer interested in supporting anything but standard mobile platforms.

I'd be happy to do the work from our end, but it's really up to them.

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wouldn't the best way be for their 'customers' to apply pressure on them?  at the very least, maybe they'd cough up the source for their widget.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.

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Actually, we have the source code since we wrote the app, the issue is the API key (assuming the API is still the same - it has been four years, after all) required to access their servers has been revoked.

My guess is that I even if I could convince them to restore the key, it would involve having to pay them for access, in which case, we'd have to do the economic analysis to see if it's worth it.

I guess I can shoot them an email to see what the story is.

Re: Cozi widget not functioning properly

Well, maybe you have better luck reaching someone higher up. This is what I got:


I'm sorry that we're no longer supported on the Chumby! Unfortunately, Cozi is no longer supported on the Chumby, regardless of status. I apologize!

If I can help with anything else, please let me know.

Thanks, and best regards,

Cozi Gold Support