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Hello Chumbarians,

I am the creator of MyRobotLab - which is a Open Source Java Service Base Framework for Creative Machine Control -

A great fellow Robot Developer, by the handle of Ro-Bot-X has a Chumby 1 and we will be trying to get MyRobotLab (MRL) running on it.

We have made pretty good progress getting Java and several Services from (MRL) running on it, using the Java wiki...

However, I've run into a couple of snags.. MRL depends on JavaCV for OpenCV (Computer Vision) and RXTXcomm.jar for serial communication (to Arduino's etc)

Some of the problems I think would be mitigated by installing the latest release from JamVM (1.5.3) and GNU classpath  (classpath-0.97.2)

The JamVM build/install worked great ! 

Now I'm at the GNU classpath configure step and am getting the error
checking for pkg-config... no
*** The pkg-config script could not be found. Make sure it is
*** in your path, or set the PKG_CONFIG environment variable
*** to the full path to pkg-config.
*** Or see to get pkg-config.

I downloaded the latest pkg-config - since I could not see a version in the Chumby sources
and it gives me

checking for pkg-config... no
./configure: line 13540: --exists: command not found
configure: error: pkg-config and glib-2.0 not found, please set GLIB_CFLAGS and GLIB_LIBS to the correct values

Which seems rather nasty that it would have a dependency on itself !?!?!?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated...

Re: MyRobotLab on Chumby - Super Chumby Bot

update ...
I've successfully cross-compiled but have not yet installed the new JamVM & GNU Classpath..

Currently I'm using Sun's embedded Java ... seems to be working great so far... but I'm probably going to try to switch (open source preference) relatively soon.

Re: MyRobotLab on Chumby - Super Chumby Bot

myrobotlab wrote:

update ...
I've successfully cross-compiled

How did you compile pkg-config?

Re: MyRobotLab on Chumby - Super Chumby Bot

The toolchain to successfully crosscompile all of JamVM & GNU Classpath is here

If you want OpenCV binaries I have them or other pieces and parts.

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No, I just tried to compile midnight commander for chumby... And for this pkg-config and a newer glib is needed.

But I think I scraw... My chumby gets in reboot loop.