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One thing I have used on a old Palm I installed on the wall that has been used a lot in my house is a reminder calendar. It displays things such as:  Change a/c filter (once a month), Change refrigerator filter (6 months), monthly local activities are approaching this weekend, dental/doctor appointments, birthdays , etc.   I have seen nothing here like this, with the exception of google calendar, which does not display it as easily seen text.  Would this be a simple and useful tool for everyone? I would like to see it as a simple interface, touch the day on a calendar and enter a sentence or two, or just a title as a quick reminder.  Then it should start nagging you about a week away, maybe making the font larger or brighter as the day approaches for that particular item. Thanks!

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I would love something like this.  Some of the other things I want (besides the reminders you mentioned) are things like replacing water in emergency supplies, batteries in smoke detectors, and moving the truck off the curb every-2nd/4th thursday for the street sweeper.

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As we don't currently have a specific app to do what you guys desire.  I can offer a workaround (tested this in-house).  Add an app called (Chumby RSS reader - … %20Reader)  Then go to a website called (  Create a free account on their site and customize to your personal preferences.  There are plenty of calendar, task, goals, etc that you can setup there.  Then go to the "Tools & Services" link on the left side of the webpage.  Enable RSS feeds and copy the RSS URL and paste it into the (Chumby RSS reader) app. 

I'm sure there are plenty of other similar problems on the net that you can try.  If you need help setting this up or have any other questions, come see us in customer support (

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Interesting - I'll give this a try.
I tried Remember the Milk for a while - there's an app that shows its to-do list on the Chumby ( … odo%20List), but I stopped using it for a reason that I have now forgotten (Slow to load? Couldn't delete completed tasks from the Chumby? Not busy enough to need a to-do list? I think it was one of those.)
There's also an app for something called Cozi. I have not tried this, but it looks like it might do something like what you want (