Topic: overlapping partitions

I dd the os from the oem 1gb card out of my Chumby one over to a 8gb card and I keep getting error messages "can't have overlapping partitions" when trying to partition the rest of the unused space on the 8gb card. So far Google hasn't come up with anything useful.

I went back and checked the 1gb card I removed and it too has the same problem. Not being able to partition the unused space.
I'm using ubuntu10.10-is there a way to fix this, either in Ubuntu or from the Chumby itself?
I have gcc and pure-ftpd on the c1 but I'd like to access the rest of the 8gb card before I go any farther.

Re: overlapping partitions

I found the following thread not long after I posted here … p;start=15

I used the fixrom on the img I had and dd'd it back to the sd card and it worked!
Then I used GParted to extend the extended partiton and formated, so now I have a 7gb
partition to store everything to.