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Topic: Automatic Roaming

Has anyone configured their chumby Hacker Board for Automatic roaming as discussed in this wpa_supplicant
article: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1259003

I am interested in setting up several network blocks of the form:
    #psk="text passphrase"
    psk=(a huge long number here)

One for each network that I may roam through.  Is there any way to make the chumby do the automatic
roaming stuff that wpa_supplicant is known for.    I just don't know how to tie it in with the way the chumby
directly talks to the wpa_supplicant package with configuration files in non-standard places.  Any ideas, or suggestions
would be appreciated.

Thanks,  Barry Mead

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Re: Automatic Roaming

Does anyone know anything about how the chumby's wpa_supplicant package is organized?  It seems nothing like the
configuration that I read about on desktop machines.  On desktop machines, there is a file called /sbin/wpa_action that
gets called when wpa events take place.  There is a file called /etc/wpa_suppliment.conf that contains some configuration
stuff, and a file called /etc/network/interfaces that lists the various confituration blocks like shown above.

From what I can see the chumby configuration has a file called /sbin/start_network and a few other scripts in /usr/chumby/scripts that it uses to do some of the network functions like reset the usb ports and such, but I can't find any documentation that explains how to configure it to do roaming.  Please if anyone can help me make some sense out of this it would be greatly appreciated.  I have been trying to decipher the 28 page perl script program "start_network" but it is not making a lot of sense to me yet.

If anyone knows anything about wpa_supplicant, please feel free to chime in any nugget of information.  I am totally stumped right now.   Thanks.