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Topic: Hacker Board -how to enable video out all the time? 4th Chumby!

Ok, maybe I am a little bit of newbie, but this is my 4th Chumby - my new hacker board destined for my Prius! My first classic chumby was purchased in the first week or so of going on sale...my wife has actually started to understand their uses.
So anyway - I have the hacker board fully operational with wifi configured via the serial connection. But my problem is how to enable the video out all the time. Oh, BTW, I am past the red vs yellow connector - I can get video. First, I have tried the kernel mod from here: http://wiki.chumby.com/mediawiki/index. … humby_One, but this messed up the kernel and I had to reimage the microSD - so that does not work (just kept crashing and rebooting) - I am back online again after that no problem.
Second, I have tried the fbset command and for some reason this does not work - I have tried it exactly as written here - fbset -g 720 480 720 480 16. Then if run an swf file - nothing. The only thing that seems to work is setting the x, y when running chumbyflashplayer.x and then running any swf files, etc.
So my question is how and where in the boot rcS.background or in the rcS do I enable only the video out? Do I just do a userhook? Where is this VIDEO_RES variable and how do I write to it? Can I just change that to 720x480?
Am I even on the right path? Thank you much in advance!

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Re: Hacker Board -how to enable video out all the time? 4th Chumby!

What you do to get the video out working is create a directory in the /psp directory called rfs1.
Inside that directory you create a script file called userhook0, userhook1, or userhook2  The userhook number determines
how much of the chumby default startup script gets executed before calling your hook file.  For information about the userhooks refer to this page:   (make sure to "chmod 755 userhookX"  to enable execute privileges)

http://wiki.chumby.com/mediawiki/index. … (analyzed)

You need this command to set the chumby hacker board to the right resolution and give it something to display that maches
that resolution:               

chumbyflashplayer.x -x 720 -y 480 -i /usr/widgets/alt_opening.swf

If you bought one of the 4-conductor Audio/Video cables from Adafruit, you have to use non-standard colors to make
the connections work.
Red = Video, Yellow = Left Audio, White = Right Audio

That worked for me.