Topic: matching up s/w versions, kernels, drivers, wifi woes

My CHB V1 reports:

chumby-:/ # more /proc/version
Linux version 2.6.28-chumby (builder@stormbuild) (gcc version 4.3.2 (Sourcery G++ Lite 2008q3-72) ) #302 PREEMPT Wed Jul 28 14:40:46 PDT 2010

Which version of the posted source does that line up with?

I'm trying to get a WiFi dongle working that Adafruit shipped to me without realizing that their vendor changed chipsets when they weren't looking. (Yeah, vendors are like that.) … 7085352621

Anyway, I gather that the driver I got from Adafruit (posted in the above thread) was built by somebody at Chumby, but it was built against a different kernel than the one Adafruit is shipping in CHB V1's.  I need to resolve this to get my project moving, but I don't yet have scratchbox up and running since I'm still at the beginning stages of climbing the Chumby learning curve.

What version of the kernel do I really have?  Is there a way to tell what kernel the driver in the above link was built against?  Did somebody at Chumby build it, and is it possible to build another one to try out?  I'm happy to help out with testing, but I just don't yet have the infrastructure to build this myself.