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Topic: could i achieve this with a chumby hacker board ?

I want to use a modern USB joystick, the flight simulator type that logitech make with lots of buttons and controls, and id like to adapt it to control a Sony video camera.. Sony uses a protocol called LANC to control cameras, im not that experienced with electronics or programming microcontrollers but i have an arduino and through some basic connecting and adapting someone elses code i have been able to get it talking to the camera.. The problem with the arduino though is i cannot use newer USB joysticks because there doesnt seem to be a way to interface a USB device with arduino, so im left to either try and hunt down a (still working and reliable) older analog flight sim joystick or use a basic arcade joystick without many buttons..

So im wondering, is it possible to use modern USB joysticks with a chumby hacker board directly into one of the USB ports ? I wasnt sure if all joysticks were made to conform to a technical standard (like keyboard and mouse) and if a generic driver existed on chumby ? 

If that is possible, how hard would it be for a relative newbie to get programming on chumby ? I would want the joysticks directional movement to control a pan/tilt head and the buttons to control camera features..  I have found arduino fairly easy to get the basics going and thanks to other people already working out the timing to communicate with LANC the hard part of the code was already done and i could just tweak the functionality side of buttons and pots to respond how i wanted..

Appreciate any assistance..

Re: could i achieve this with a chumby hacker board ?

Gee, no replies in two weeks.  If you're still watching...
Some USB joysticks have reasonable Linux support.  I'm not sure which ones -- you would need to check the driver situation first and then choose a joystick with an existing driver.  After that, it would be like any other application that wants to talk to specific peripherals -- getting the permissions right in the UDEV rules is probably the biggest hurdle.