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I have had 2 Chumbys, an original and a one, since they have been introduced.  And I have been managing them both from the same chumby site. 

I just got a Sony Dash.  My question is, can I also manage it from my account or do I have to manage it fromt the Sony Account it made me create ? 

And if I can manage it from how do you go about getting it to recognize the device ?


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When you registered a Sony dash account, you should have been presented with an option to associate it with an existing chumby account.

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No.  That option was never given. 

I tried logging into sony with both my sony and chumby accounts and neither would take.  The site made me register as a new user and I never saw anything related to attaching it to a Chumby account.

If I unregister it from Sony will I be able to try and reregister ?  Is there a specific link that I should use to get this to tie together ?


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Hmm, looking at this screen, there's a line that says: "If you have an existing chumby account, click here.".  Does that link show up in your browser?

I'm not sure how to do an association after the account has been created, but you might try hitting the "My Account" link.  My account is already associated, so I may not see any relevant option.

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That link was not there when I went to register.   I am going to unregister it and try re-registering it.  Will probably try it tomorrow.  thanks

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Would someone please look into that again. I tried associating my Dash to my Chumby account and I get a "Third party data does not exist for this customer".


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I figured it out. I had to create a brand new account and cannot link an existing account. Also Firefox might also have caused some strange issues.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that my account was totally portable, and I was able to add another non-Chumby-branded device easily.

I recently gave a Dash as a gift and helped set it up (including setting up an account with Sony).  When I received a Dash as a gift a month or so later, I expected to have to set up a new account (the Dash directs you to a url).  I was dreading the task of configuring my default channel and all of its widgets.  Since I try to use the same username across all of the websites I use, it returned an error when I entered my Chumby userID, informing me that it was already in use.  I then discovered the "existing account" link and simply added the Dash to my Chumby account.  So, setting up my second device couldn't have been simpler.  I was thrilled!

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Hi Duane,

I have a Sony Dash (I know that there is a Sony Forum, but they don't answer to questions !).

This Dash was linked to my Sony Account (and associated to my Chumby Account). I have wanted to unregister my Dash through the Sony account. No special problem to execute this action.

Unfortunately, if I check into the Dash, into device info, I can see that "Device is registered" instead of the "Registration Code".

I checked into my Chumby account, and the device seems correctly unregister.

I tried to use the "Unregister" button, but the message "Operation failed" appears.

I tried to reset the device, but no change.

Now, I have a "zombie" Dash ! Not really registered, but not really unregistered !

I can't call the Sony Customer Information Service Center because I'm in France ....

Please, could you help me ?

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The dash is a little peculiar because it's accounted for in two databases - ours and Sony's.

It sounds like your device has been properly removed from our database but not Sony's.

Unfortunately, the only folks that can remove your device from their database is them - we have no control over it.

My suggestion is to continue to attempt to contact Sony's support.  I'll look into it also.