Topic: Alarm improvements (wake to FM, bookmark podcast, continue music)

The three main weaknesses of the alarm on the chumby are:

I cannot wake to FM. When I play musing on my chumby, I can choose FM, but when I set an alarm, I cannot choose FM as a source of music. There are also other sources missing, such as iheartradio.

I got all excited about the waking to a news podcast, so I set it, and then the next morning found that if I hit the snooze, it would start the podcast all over again....not very helpful

Sometimes in the morning, I want to continue listening to whatever I woke to. However, this doesn't jive well with the backup alarm as it will start beeping after 5 minutes. It'd be good if the snooze/alarm off screen had a continue playing or some such. In a related topic, there are way too many steps to turn off a snoozing alarm.

It'd also be nice to limit the number of snoozes allowed.