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I got Python 2.6 up and running on the CHB.  I made a walkthrough for interested parties. … board.html

I've also succeeded in adapating regutil over to a dll to make register access easier- I'll post a walkthrough on that, as well.

Mike H

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I have been trying to get python running on my CHB, to no avil.  I have followed your directions to the letter but when I type python I get :-/bin/sh: python: not found.  Even if I go to the python directory /python/bin, same thing.  I would think typing python there would produce something.

What am I doing wrong here.

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I have a compiled binary of python 2.7.1 with openssl if anyone is interested.

I'll upload it shortly...

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I've been trying to compile openssl on the Chumby Hacker Board for awhile now. I keep getting [Operation not permitted] on every file when I run PERL=/psp/usr/bin/perl ./config --prefix=/usr . Do you have any insight on how to get it working?

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I always compile with the intention of not modifying the base image so my prefix was /mnt/storage as opposed to /usr.

Compiled using ScratchBox2 rather than normal cross-compile.

PS : Just noted my binary has alot of .py's pointing to the wrong location [not /mnt/storage], they shouldn't matter in most cases wink

PPS : I did upload it here :- … .1.tar.bz2

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Thanks a lot! I'll give it a shot. The other programs I'm trying to install are complaining:
crypto.h:12:26: error: openssl/hmac.h: No such file or directory
crypto.h:13:25: error: openssl/sha.h: No such file or directory
crypto.h:15:25: error: openssl/rc4.h: No such file or directory
crypto.h:16:25: error: openssl/aes.h: No such file or directory
Which is the openssl. Hopefully this will fix it. I'll post my results.

Good news! Since I'm using the 1GB SD card I installed Perl on my USB drive. Then I installed your python package to /mnt/storage and tar'd openssl (I need the development package) to /mnt/storage as well and it is now compiling. Hopefully I can install my other packages now...

I need to setup a scratchbox because it takes awhile to compile on the Chumby.