Topic: Widget suggestion (Collaboration software updates)

One of the features that I would like most on a chumby is to receive updates when important collaborative projects (in project s/w/wikis/blogs/Writely) have been updated by other members of my team. I could then move quickly to continue on with other project tasks that were dependent on others completing the previous step...

Uh I need chumbies for my bedroom, my living room and my office....better start cranking up those production lines!

(Or just give in and send me one! I'm working hard for you here!).  wink

Re: Widget suggestion (Collaboration software updates)

It should be nice to include some sort of "apt-get/yum" in chumby. Of course, it should be very simple... probably just an "look for updates" button.

Re: Widget suggestion (Collaboration software updates)

The chumby checks for updates for the core software at boot and periodically thereafter.  If an update is available, it offers the opportunity to download and install it.

Updates to individual widgets happen more or less immediately, since they're pulled from the server.

Updates to content happen more or less immediately as well, since the widgets pull it on demand.

If I wanted to do what Angela's thinking about, I'd set up an RSS feed for the current status of collaborative work, and put together a simple widget that displays it.