Topic: RTC (clock) on Hacker Board?

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does the Hacker Board have an on-board, battery backed up RTC (real time clock)? I can't find a battery, but maybe the LiIon battery helps (when it is connected)?

If not, does any of the other chumbies (chumbys?) have a RTC? Is there a practical way of adding a RTC to the Hacker Board?

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PS. Just so you don't have to ask: My project centers around timed audio-output (mostly MP3s that are being read from the SD card); there is no (wireless or other) connectivity that I could use to sync the time. So I have to set the RTC once and let the whole thing run wild wink

Re: RTC (clock) on Hacker Board?

Looks like the i.MX23 has a RTC powered from Vbat. See chapter 23 of the ref manual

Re: RTC (clock) on Hacker Board?

You are correct.  The RTC is powered by the battery.  It's a standard Linux RTC, so you can use hwclock to read and save the value.  You need to attach a LiIon battery.  Most 3.7V LiIon batteries will do.  You just need to stick a 10k? resistor across the T pin (middle one) on the battery connector.

Re: RTC (clock) on Hacker Board?

indeed, here is some information on how to attach a lithium ion/polymer battery … um_battery

Re: RTC (clock) on Hacker Board?

To set the RTC from system time use...

hwclock -wu