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Topic: UPnP Status?


I read that this topic was already discussed, but all I want to know is if we are near a solution or not.
I'm just asking it because if there isn't any solution yet, I'll code something to workaround this situation at least for me.

Thanks, and bye,

I'm very new to chumby (mine arrived only 10 days ago) and  I'm very satisfied!

Re: UPnP Status?

I'm also very keen to see this, and would appreciate an update. I have a lot of media on a NAS and would appreciate the ability to play it from chumby, particularly as things like Pandora don't work in Australia...

Re: UPnP Status?

Me too - just being able to pull random songs from a playlist hosted on UPnP would be a very nice touch.

Re: UPnP Status?

YES - UPnP is normaly a must have for a Webradio.
So, please develope this

Re: UPnP Status?

I wait on this feature, too.

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Re: UPnP Status?

http://persbaglio.it/images/chumby/uchumby.3gpuChumby Server an experimental UPnP to Chumby proxy server.

I know it's not the most user frendly solution since is client / server, linux only and it's not finished yet (in very early state of development) but from today something is working smile



My Actionscript skills are very limited at the moment, but keep in mind that this is just a proof of concept

UPDATE: here another updated video http://persbaglio.it/images/chumby/uchumby2.mp4  after some more hours of work

Re: UPnP Status?

Any news?

Re: UPnP Status?

Yes the debug client is finished, it works well but it hasn't a very nice user interface.

The next step is  to find some time to make it a proper chumby external music source, after that I'll release the sources in the hope that some more talented actionscript hacker could help me refining the UI.