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Anyone know why I haven't been able to get to my chumby channels for a few days now. I just get a "Sorry! this page is not available" message when I click on the "my channels" dropdown link.


Re: Chumby web site issues

Hmmm, I'm not seeing anything wrong.

Could you please clear your browser cache and see if the problem goes away?

Anyone else having this problem?

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Mmmm, interesting. I cleared my Firefox cache and got the same result but when I switched to Chrome, everything worked as expected. I'll try Safari too, but Firefox is having problems. Odd....

Re: Chumby web site issues

Same here, started happening today. When accessing my chumby channels with firefox I get "Sorry! this page is not available"; when doing the same with Chrome, all works as it should.

Apparently this has been happening to other members for several days. Any heads up from the developers?

Re: Chumby web site issues

I got Firefox to work again by clearing out all my cookies. I tried clearing all my Recent History except the cookies to no avail but noticed that if I went into Private Browsing mode, everything worked. So I bit the bullet and cleared my cookies and everything started working again. Like you Chrome (and I also tried safari) worked without problem.

So I guess the site has some sort of incompatibility with Firefox cookies.

Re: Chumby web site issues

You are correct indeed!

I had only one cookie from chumby, named _chumby_session, and set to expire on May 12th. I removed it, restarted firefox, and now I can edit my channels again. Since I had to login again, I suspect just a logout/login sequence would have been enough to clear this website malfunction.

Thanks pepperm!